HD Voice News

Everybody intros cloud-communications service for Enterprise Connect


NOT from Orlando, Florida – Global Crossing, Verizon Business, and XO Communications all introduced cloud-based communications services today.

You can find more information on XO’s rollout of its HD voice and video service on HD Voice News.  Key points out of its release are 1) They’re supporting HD voice and video on an enterprise-basis [...]

XO over 1 Million served (Business VoIP users)


XO Communications (www.xo.com) says it serving over one million business VoIP end-user customers.  So much for voice and VoIP being dead.

The company’s XO IP Flex service was launched in April 2005.  Depending on how you want to slice the numbers, Frost & Sullivan says says XO is the VoIP access services market leader [...]

XO's good news expanding capacity


XO Communications bragged about its third major nationwide network capacity upgrade last week.  Using Infinera equipment, the company has “more than” doubled its inter-city transport network capacity.

According to XO, the upgrade will be completed later this year and is being done to continue to meet the increasing demand for high-capacity network services from [...]