HD Voice News

Summary: 29 things I learned at the HD Communications Summit


If you don’t feel like plowing through all of the HD Communications Summit pieces, here’s a recap of what went on.

1)       Jeff Pulver can still pull over 100 of the “right people”  to an event just after InterOp and just before the U.S. Memorial Day weekend.

2)       The baseline for a PSTN/POTS phone [...]

Verizon unloads wireline operations in 14 states to Frontier


Verizon is selling off its wireline operations in predominantly rural areas across 14 states to Frontier.  Ba-be, we can hear you now…

The transaction is expected to return around $8.6 billion to Verizon and its shareholders as Verizon continues to “transform its growth profile” (i.e. shed parts of its business that aren’t making money [...]

Frontier picks up 4.8 million access lines from Verizon


Frontier Communication is buying 4.8 million access lines and the related business assets from Verizon in an all-stock deal worth $8.6 billion.

My head hurts parsing through the implications.

Pending regulatory approval, Frontier will become the largest “pure rural” communications service provider and (more importantly) the nation’s fifth largest ILEC with more than 7 [...]

Testing, Testing: Ixia buying Catapult Communications


Testing shop Ixia is buying 3G/4G wireless testing firm Catapult Communications for around $63 million net, at $9.25 per share. If you want to get picky, the transaction is around $105 million, less Catapult’s cash and investments.

Ixia says Catapult’s 3G and 4G wireless networking testing solutions are an excellent complement to Ixia’s complete [...]