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Verizon ditches Hub – but was it doomed from the start?


This week, word came out that Verizon is pulling the plug on its Hub media phone and VoIP service — all the more ironic given a report out this week saying media phones will be big business in the future. In retrospect, Verizon’s Hub product was doomed from its launch for three reasons.

1)  [...]

FCC puts down its markers for Net Neutrality


Net neutrality had been relatively dormant under the previous administration, but an all-Democratic Congress and Administration has put the issue front-and-center.   FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski drew a line in the sand this week to carriers and they’re reacting with their usual party lines.

In a Monday speech at the Brookings Institute, Genachowski indicated the [...]

Ericsson buys Nortel wireless assets for big money


Ericsson announced its interest in Nortel’s wireless assets late, but it came home the winner, paying $1.13 billion for Nortel’s LTE and legacy CDMA business.   The deal will likely almost double Ericsson’s revenues in North America over the short term; Nortel’s CDMA operation ran at about $2 billion last year as compared to Ericsson’s [...]

Nortel and RIM – WTF?


BlackBerry daddy Research in Motion (RIM) wanted to put in a $1.1 billion bid for Nortel assets, but  walked away from the deal when Nortel put too many conditions on the deal.  Seriously, what is wrong with this picture? A) Nortel dictating terms to anyone offering $1.1 billion (Canadian, US, whatever, a billion is [...]

Alcatel-Lucent: Consumer spending survey says broadband good, PPV, mobile data not so much


Over at TMCNet, Gary Kim has unearthed survey data generated by Alcatel-Lucent on global consumer telecommunications spending in these tight times.  People are cutting, but they’re going to keep VoIP and multi-channel video services (i.e. TV) pretty much the same.

Getting chopped are pay-per-view movies downloaded from the Internet and mobile data service. Customers [...]

Google Voice opens the doors, finally


After two weeks of hype and rumors, Google Voice is starting to hand out phone numbers to its waiting list.  Although, after yesterday’s “Today” show segment, the company might not have had a choice.

I guess I am suffering from Google-burnout, between the hype for Google Voice, how Google is supposed to respond to [...]

Summary: 29 things I learned at the HD Communications Summit


If you don’t feel like plowing through all of the HD Communications Summit pieces, here’s a recap of what went on.

1)       Jeff Pulver can still pull over 100 of the “right people”  to an event just after InterOp and just before the U.S. Memorial Day weekend.

2)       The baseline for a PSTN/POTS phone [...]

Verizon unloads wireline operations in 14 states to Frontier


Verizon is selling off its wireline operations in predominantly rural areas across 14 states to Frontier.  Ba-be, we can hear you now…

The transaction is expected to return around $8.6 billion to Verizon and its shareholders as Verizon continues to “transform its growth profile” (i.e. shed parts of its business that aren’t making money [...]

Testing, Testing: Ixia buying Catapult Communications


Testing shop Ixia is buying 3G/4G wireless testing firm Catapult Communications for around $63 million net, at $9.25 per share. If you want to get picky, the transaction is around $105 million, less Catapult’s cash and investments.

Ixia says Catapult’s 3G and 4G wireless networking testing solutions are an excellent complement to Ixia’s complete [...]