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Voxeo scores $9 million in investment funding


On Twitter, @danyork is crowing about Voxeo securing $9 million in venture funding.  The trend is representative of the wider loosening of cash in the telecommunications sector and the investment community for both M&A and investment.   On a meta scale, the recession “winter” of 2008-2009 is over, but we should be careful of being [...]

Voxeo gets Asterisk open, cloud-y.


Voxeo has made two open source announcements in the last two days, establishing Voxeo Labs for open source/open standard solutions and releasing the Tropo.com cloud telephony service source code for free under open source licenses.

Voxeo Labs will be staffed by the guys who brought you Adhearsion, Jay Phillips and Jason Goecke.  Since Adhearson [...]