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VoIP Evolution releases SMB Video Conferencing Report


Want to know more about SMB video conferencing? Robert Poe has just released a 31 or 32 page report “SMB Video Conferencing: Getting Beyond Clouds & Interoperability.”

The report surveys 10 companies “to Watch” and compares 16 cloud solutions in a matrix to clarify strengths and weaknesses.

A complete description of the report [...]

D2 adds full IP video calling to Android mCUE software stack


Last week in Japan, D2 Technologies (www.d2tech.com) announced that its mCUE converged communications software for the Android got a whole bunch of features, including the addition of IP video to its already robust HD voice and VoIP support.

Now available for new Android devices such as “tablets, HD media players, IP media phones, connected [...]

ADTRAN brags about shotgun testing – where’s the YouTube video?


Down in Huntsville last week, an ADTRAN executive was bragging about one of its pieces of outdoor gear was so tough that it had been spec’ed and tested to take a shotgun blast at 10 feet — without the paint being scratched.   I, of course, immediately asked to witness the test in person, but [...]

At VoIP Watch, Andy gets hip with video


IP communications observer and serial blogger Andy Abramson has decided that, yes, it’s ok for the “V” in VoIP Watch to embrace video.

In a post yesterday,The V In VoIPWatch isn’t Just Voice any More, Andy crystallizes in one sentence what everyone didn’t really want to/couldn’t find a way to say — video conferencing [...]