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Verizon gets integrated with Delaware state government

Tweet Delaware state government has signed up for a single managed networking solution from Verizon.  The solution will link hundreds of state offices and school districts and provide the infrastructure for “the adoption of advanced applications” so the state can consolidate data centers, as well as do telework and enhance business continuity.

Services included IP [...]

Verizon deploys 100G Ethernet on long-haul IP backbone


Verizon (www.verizon.com) has turned up standard-based 100 gigabit Ethernet on a portion of its European IP long-haul network.

The implementation uses Juniper Networks routers and Ciena’s 100G Ethernet optical transport solution on the company’s European backbone segment between Paris and Frankfurt, a distance of about 555 miles. 

Use of the technology allows [...]

Verizon Wholesale streamlines T1, T3 circuit install times


Verizon Global Wholesale (www.verizon.com) has announced it is standardizing its provisioning intervals for D1 and D3 circuits the company offers in 12 states and the District of Columbia.

Going into effect on September 18 (Saturday? Why Saturday?), getting a DS1 will (should) take seven days, while a Ds3 will take 8 days.

Verizon says [...]

Verizon completes 100G Ethernet metro field trial


Verizon recently completed a field trial with 100 gigabit-per-second Ethernet (100GE) on a metro Ethernet infrastructure.

The trial used Alcatel-Lucent gear deployed in Verizon’s switched Ethernet services (SES) network in Dallas, with data successfully transmitting data over 12.7 kilometers (7.9 miles) over field fiber.

Verizon SES is a next-generation switched Ethernet service allowing customers [...]

Verizon touts wholesale VoIP 10th anniversary


Verizon Global Wholesale (www.verizon.com) is touting VoIP this wek. The company announced VoIP minutes grew more than 200 percent in 2009 as compared to the previous year.

New VoIP enhancements and features planned this year include the development of “more robust” VoIP network interfaces in Europe, caller-provided CLI and greater integration into customer portals.


Verizon Wholesale powers up hotter optical offerings


Verizon Global Wholesale (www.verizon.com) is adding a bunch of enhancements to its Optical Wave Service, including OWS to SONET ring services and 40Gbps on OC768C point-to-point links

The OWS to SONET ring services enable the simple provisioning of OWS circuits without having to add nodes.

The new 10G OWS Facilities with multiplex wave [...]

Verizon adds IPsec to wholesale VoIP offerings


Verizon (www.verizon.com) Global Wholesale has added IPsec tunneling to its SIP Gateway Service, toll free IP termination, and carrier IP termination transport.  All three services can share a single IPsec connection.

According to Verizon, it is the only “major provider” offering IPSec, adding an additional layer of standardized security goodness without requiring vendor-specific security [...]

Verizon announces beefed-up Cloud Computing, big pipes for content providers


Verizon Business (www.verizonbusiness.com) announced enhancements to its cloud computing offering and dedicated delivery pipes for large content providers; Verizon is bragging about “flowing” up to half a terabyte per second from Internet and video content owners directly onto its network.

Verizon Computing as a Service (CaaS) now supports server cloning for rapid deployment of [...]

Net neutrality and Verizon bandwidth cap crazy talk


No sooner than the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) talked up formalizing Net Neutrality policy than did Verizon CTO Dick Lynch appear a week later and talked smack about metered bandwidth options. Hmm, could these items be related? Hmm…

In the past, Verizon lobbyists have left the option of a metered plan open, prefacing it [...]

Verizon ditches Hub – but was it doomed from the start?


This week, word came out that Verizon is pulling the plug on its Hub media phone and VoIP service — all the more ironic given a report out this week saying media phones will be big business in the future. In retrospect, Verizon’s Hub product was doomed from its launch for three reasons.

1)  [...]