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Verizon Business VPN Ethernet service goes more global


Verizon Business has significantly expanded their Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS), making it the Layer 2 Ethernet service available throughout its POPs in Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America.  Enterprise IT/LAN managers can now go control-freak crazy, provisioning offices around the globe with the same IP/Ethernet service, including implementing their own IP addresses and all [...]

Putting markers down for HD Communications – Enterprise, North America, 2010


During the VoIP Users Conference (VUC) call last Friday, I put down my markers for the advance of HD Voice in North America, using the statements and actions of various service providers to provide context for my predictions.

The benchmarks I used were–

Cablevision’s rollout of hosted HD Voice service  this summer – The [...]

HD Communications: The Third Wave

Tweet Or why you should care about wideband. Really.

Voice communications is entering into its third wave of evolution.  A third wave move to HD Communications represents an opportunity for carriers to redefine themselves and reassert their superiority relative to the “me too”  VoIP service providers that have driven cost down, but at the price [...]

Verizon Business: HD voice early adopters 2010, general adoption 2011


Verizon Business believes a few customers will make the move to HD (G.722) voice in 2010, with widespread adoption occurring in 2011. “We feel there’s a strong need for the service down 2010 and growing even stronger in 2011,” said Alla Reznik, Director of Advanced Voice Services.

Early adopters are expected to show up [...]