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VC looking for security — those that are left


VC firms — those not cleaned out by the dot.bomb crash of 2000-2001 and the Great Recession — will be looking to invest in security companies in forthcoming funds.  What with all the data breeches, stolen credit cards, and cyberwar battles across Eastern Europe over the past three years, better tools and systems are [...]

ooma gets more cash


TechCrunch says ooma has raised another $14 million, for a total of $56 million in VC money raised over the course of the company’s history.

Leading the round was Worldwide Technology Partners. and the deal reportedly wipes out (probably dilutes out) the other investors. TCrunch says that ooma was “really on the roaps and [...]

Telesphere scores $15 million VC money


Phoenix-based Telesphere received $15 million in another round of venture funding from its trio of investors.  The hosted IP PBX company plans to use the cash for acquisitions and to expand its footprint beyond the 44 states it currently operates in.

In 2008, Telesphere received $10 million in funding from Telesphere’s investors are Rally [...]