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Cloud computing storming (and obscuring) at all levels: SMB, Tier 1, IP Centrix (ugh)


Everyone is on the cloud computing bandwagon, making it the “it” marketing term for people explaining exactly what they do (and the UC people should be scared because cloud is overrunning “UC”).  Tier 1 service providers, including Verizon Business and France Telecom, are storming ahead while other people use more – shall we say [...]

Polycom, Microsoft embrace over UC


Polycom (www.polycom.com) and Microsoft (www.microsoft.com) have declared their love, er a “global strategic agreement” for developing and marketing “integrated,” standards-based unified communications (UC) solutions.

The agreement makes Polycom a member of Microsoft’s “key strategic global alliance” for UC; both sides will invest in product development, sales, and marketing.

Polycom will develop a broad [...]

Verizon business will “trial” hosted Cisco UC solution


Verizon Business (www.verizonbusiness.com) will run field trials of Cisco’s new Hosted Collaboration Solution for the next two months.

The trial is expected to enable participants to see how cloud-based UC&C (unified communication and collaboration) capabilities can be used quicly and cost-effectively across an enterprise.

Participants include  “a multinational auto manufacturer, a woman’s [...]

Unified Communications Interoperability Forum formed


HP, Juniper Networks, Microsoft, Logitech/LifeSize and Polycom have formed the Unified Communications Interoperability Forum (UCIF). The organization (www.ucif.org) “seeks to unify” the fragmented UC ecosystem by enabling standards-based inter-vendor UC communications interoperability – i.e. what enterprise customers really want.

Other companies signing up for the effort include Acme Packet, Aspect, AudioCodes, Broadcom, BroadSoft, Brocade, [...]

ADTRAN enters Unified Communications (UC) market


ADTRAN (www.adtran.com) entered the unified communications (UC) market last month.  Whatsup with that?

More seriously, you have a traditional telecommunications hardware firm jumping into the fuzzy world of software solutions as a complement to the next step up the IP PBX food chain — more applications.  Once you add VoIP and PBX functionality, the [...]

ADTRAN in pictures - Part 1 - Welcome and Introduction to UC


WARNING: Some of the pictures below are pretty big and might freak out your browser and/or cause slow load times for this page.

Last week, I and about 26 other analysts and media were in Huntsville, Alabama as guests of ADTRAN.  The company was making its introductory launch of a unified communications (UC) software [...]

ADTRAN talks Unified Communication


I’m in Huntsville watching a demo of NetVanta Unified Communication.  Around me are about 27 press and analysts, including a number of UC foodies, er UC consultants.

The demo is strangely familiar, highlighting how a real estate agent can use unified communications to integrate the web, voice, fax, email, but presentation makes it look [...]

Avaya pumps Facebook – is UC "dead"?


Last night, Avaya held a workshop on “The Social Enterprise – Are you ready for it?” and they did a big homage to the power of social networking and Facebook. – no big surprise there since one of Avaya’s executives happens to be the author of “Facebook Marketing for Dummies.” However, the big wakeup [...]

Nortel UC card going, Microsoft relationship already gone


Nortel’s asset fire sale “could possibly gut” its 3 year UC partnership with Microsoft, Network World says. Uh, yah think?   Given that HP and Microsoft swore to be friends and jointly invest up to $180 million at InterOp last month, I’d say both companies are in splitsville.

Back in 2006, Nortel and Microsoft rolled [...]

ShoreTel reports quarterly numbers, takes one-off GAAP loss


ShoreTel this week reported its financial results, bringing in $31.2 million and reporting a GAAP net loss of $7 million, around $0.16 per share.

Most of the GAAP (General Accepted Accounting Principles) net loss is wrapped up in $4.1 million for legal settlement costs with Mitel over a patent fight; the two companies agreed [...]