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A sedate The Cable Show 2012


How not-exciting is this year’s The Cable Show? Well, the only Kardashian scheduled to be here is the rejected one – Bruce Jenner. There are a couple of DC talking heads and John Boy Walton (and BTW, how many of you know who John Boy is, anyway?)

Yes, it’s that slow.

Voice and business [...]

Going to The Cable Show 2012 in Boston, May 21-22


Now that the HD Voice 2012 report is done, I’m now able to travel a bit more. 

I’ll be at The Cable Show 2012 in Boston, from mid-day on Monday, May 21, through Tuesday afternoon, May 22. 

The Cable Show 2010 – From Internet TV to “CloudTV”


Los Angeles – In proof that marketing triumphs over common sense, the phrase “CloudTV” has been trademarked and is being hyped at The Cable Show 2010.

ActiveVideo Networks (www.activevideo.com), the “global leader in cloud-based interactive television solutions” is proud to demo its latest and greatest apps here in LA.  Demos include “web-style” personal and [...]

Change in May travel plans


Since the May 12 HD Communications Summit West event has been canceled, I’ll be spending more time at The Cable Show in Los Angeles.

Right now, it looks like I’ll still be flying out on May 10 to Los Angeles. I’ll be in-city from Monday afternoon through Wednesday redeye (May 12) home, is most [...]

May travel – The Cable Show, HD Comms West, Metaswitch Forum


It’s going to be a busy travel month in May, with destinations including Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, and Nashville.

On May 10, I fly out to Los Angeles for The Cable Show. I’ll be in-city from Monday afternoon through Tuesday evening, including on the floor of The Cable Show on Tuesday from about 3-6 [...]