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HD Communications: The Third Wave

Tweet Or why you should care about wideband. Really.

Voice communications is entering into its third wave of evolution.  A third wave move to HD Communications represents an opportunity for carriers to redefine themselves and reassert their superiority relative to the “me too”  VoIP service providers that have driven cost down, but at the price [...]

Who will buy Nortel's VoIP piece?


Squabbling between Nortel and MetaSwitch as to who has the biggest market share may be over, since Nortel is being split up into pieces for pennies on the dollar.

Light Reading has made the analyst rounds as to who might be bidding on Nortel’s VoIP and switching assets. Analysts say Sonus Networks, GENBAND, Nokia [...]

What can the Obama Administration do for HD Communications?


What can the Obama Administration do for HD Communications?  A look back at what Vice President Al Gore did before he won his Nobel Prize provides some clues.

Back in 1994, Al was the point many for “Reinventing Government” As a part of his mission, he put a “date certain” marker down for all [...]

Obama FCC nomintees get their day on Capital Hill


Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman nominee Julius Genachowski got the typical Capital Hill posturing lectures today at his confirmation hearing, but appears to be on track to be confirmed with Senate Commerce Committee leadership homing for a confirmation vote before July 4.

Democratic Senators seemed to be more on point to delivery lectures more [...]

Jaxtr snapped up by SabSe


Bargain buys week continues, as SabSe Technologies acquires jaxtr.  Sab-who?

Under the deal, SabSe will continue to maintain and expand the jaxtr service under the jaxtr brand alongside the SabSeBolo brand.  SabSe believes that jaxtr’s consumer services will complement its SMB portfolio and help to accelerate sales and market presence.

However, jaxtr seems to [...]

Qwest: It's the landlines, silly…


You almost get the impression that Qwest has a death wish.  It wants to sell off a business it is making money with — its long-haul network — while continuing to hold onto all of its (steadily declining) landline business.  What is wrong with this picture?

Since everyone knows Qwest is a wounded duck [...]

McDowell gets nominated for second FCC Commissioner term


FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell has been nominated for a second term by President Barak Obama.  Now maybe the Republicans can stop stalling and start voting to approve him and FCC Chairman nominee Julius Genachowski already.

According to reports floating around since Genachowski was nominated, the Republican leadership and/or Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R-TX) didn’t [...]

Verizon introduces a heavy cloud – CaaS (computing as a service)


Verizon Business has rolled out its “cloud-based” Computing as a Service (CaaS, not to be confused with SaaS) solution today.   Targeted to large enterprise customers, it isn’t likely to make a lot of waves at Amazon.

CaaS is being sharply aimed at business and government customers who want on-demand and surge computing resources.  It [...]

HD Communications Summit: Analysis – Will international needs bootstrap HD voice?


There’s a very good case to be made that international communications needs will pull HD into both the consumer and enterprise worlds.

On the consumer side of the VoIP world, European carriers are leading the way with HD voice deployment. BT, FT, Telecom Italia and T-Mobile are all deploying HD voice in their networks [...]

New America wonk: Clyburn "disaster" choice for FCC


Sascha Meinrath, one of New America’s telecommunications wonks, has taken a dim view of FCC commissioner nominee Mignon Clyburn. “A Disaster for the Public Interest?” is the title of his blog post and he says everyone he’s talked to has been deeply concerned that Ms. Clyburn is too much in thrall with the big [...]