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New America wonk: Clyburn "disaster" choice for FCC


Sascha Meinrath, one of New America’s telecommunications wonks, has taken a dim view of FCC commissioner nominee Mignon Clyburn. “A Disaster for the Public Interest?” is the title of his blog post and he says everyone he’s talked to has been deeply concerned that Ms. Clyburn is too much in thrall with the big [...]

FCC speeds up number porting, requires VoIP providers to give reasonable notice


Republican indecision delays FCC Chairman vote


Yesterday, the Senate Commerce Committee announced it would hold a confirmation hearing for Mr. G, Julius Genachowski, to move forward on his nomination to be chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Today, the hearing was canceled.

If you are asking “WTF?,” join the club.

Apparently, says a Wall Street Journal blog and various [...]

FCC chairman hearing postponed 'til after Memorial Day


Mr. G’s string of bad luck continues.

Nominated for Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman, Julius Genachowski was scheduled for a Senate Commerce Committee confirmation hearing on May 12.   But the Republicans apparently don’t want a hearing until they can pair up their nominees with the Democratic selections.

The latest date for a hearing — [...]

FCC Chairman (nominated) Julius Genachowski goin' to confirmation


Mr. G, Julius Genachowski, is finally getting a hearing next week on Capitol Hill.   The nominee for Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman will go before the Senate Commerce Committee on May 12.

Genachowski hasn’t had a smooth ride so far.  First, there was a delay in announcing him for the position — most likely [...]