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The Vegas EVO Experiment


I’m headed out to Las Vegas for DEFCON 18. To get the whole Jeff Pulver “Living in the State of Now” experience, I’ve got my Sprint HTC EVO fired up, GPS radio “on” and logged into FourSquare. 

Once I hit the ground, I’ll fire up the WiMAX 4G phone in the EVO. As [...]

Sprint HTC EVO SSID Cisco WRT310N issue


Sprint HTC EVO Wi-Fi SSID Problem Report

Written by: Doug Mohney (moo@vegascommando.com)

Last updated: 6/24/2010; added solution for problem.

(OK, to be fair, this is a Cisco WRT310N firmware issue rather than an EVO issue, but the buzz I’ve heard circles around the EVO….)

Observed Issue: Sprint HTC EVO fails to find unbroadcast/”hidden” SSID [...]

Bought a Sprint HTC EVO phone


I’m currently working with a Sprint HTC EVO phone. Please be advised this is MY phone bought with MY money at *gulp* FULL price, so I’m not enthrall to Sprint for nothing.

(If anything, Sprint is on my bad list because one of their call center people told a whopping fat lie about the [...]

The Cable Show 2010 – Clearwire DC WiMAX launch slated for July/August


Los Angeles, CA – Clearwire (www.clearwire.com) plans to soft launch Washington D.C. area service to select customers in July, followed by general availability (i.e. for the rest of us) in August.

Retail electronics chains in the D.C. area, such as Best Buy, are expected to start selling WiMAX-capable gear in mid-July prior to [...]

Yap clouds for Microsoft and Sprint


Coming out of CTIA, Yap (www.yapinc.com) has announced that its automated, cloud-based speech recognition service has been selected by Microsoft for its speech-to-text capabilities in its Talk to Text mobile application developed for Sprint.

Net-net, Sprint subscribers can speak their text messages and email, with Talk to Text available immediately for all Blackberry devices [...]

Sprint buys Virgin Mobile USA – stop the bleeding


Sprint is buying Virgin Mobile USA for no more than $688 million.  It’s a great deal for Virgin and a “stop the bleeding” move for Sprint.

Over on TMCNet, I wrote about Virgin Mobile USA’s Broadband2Go prepaid mobile broadband offering For occasional Sprint EVDO users, Broadband2Go is sorely tempting and cheaper than the Sprint [...]

Microsoft Office Communications Server gets another carrier


Adam Uzelac — aka voiploser on Twitter — is tweeting Global Crossing rolling out Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) R2.   This makes two carriers that have embraced OCS for internal usage.

At VoiceCon this spring, Sprint was talking about its love for OCS and how it would save them a ton of money since [...]

Doug's recent wireless IT contributions to TMC (Hi Rich Tehrani!)


Over the past couple of months, I’ve been contributing to TMC.   I’ve listed my most recent pieces on wireless IT below:

Putting Sexy Back into WiFi

Satellite Arrives (Again)

What Could Be With LTE

The Potential Promise of WiMAX

Looking Past Palm Pre Madness

Broadband On The Pay [...]

Sprint offers 99 cent netbook at Best Buy


Best Buy is offering Sprint bundle deal offering a netbook for 99 cents (yes, under a dollar) with a two year contract commitment. Dan Hesse, are you crazy, or crazy like a fox?

I was a little shocked when I first saw the Best Buy Sunday ad flier — I thought that there had [...]