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And now for a change of pace… #140conf and Matthew Ebel


At the 140 Characters Conference in New York City Last week, Matthew Ebel was giving an impromptu performance in the networking room. One of his songs – appropriate for the event – was “Twitter me gently.”  I managed to catch most of it on my Flip Video camera…then had to get a YouTube account [...]

Pete Wylie takes on Social Media


Having returned to his native state of North Carolina, Pete Wylie has signed up with a “emerging media marketing firm” — i.e.  social media/PR/marketing.

“Emerging Media Needs More Explorers” looks at the proliferation of social media experts who are too busy hyping themselves and not actually doing much with new forms of communication other [...]

Dialogic, Digium get social


Dialogic and Digium have recently launched online communities to stimulate applications development for their respective products.   Digium is providing code, while Dialogic is offering prizes for new apps.

The Dialogic Exchange Network (DEN) and the Dialogic Innovator Award [Yours truly as one of the award judges] were launched in late April.  DEN is an [...]