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CounterPath will roll in wireline mobility services for ITSPs, wireline operators


CounterPath (www.counterpath.com) has announced that the next release of its Messaging Convergence Gateway (MCG) 2.0 will give wireline operators the ability to extend VoIP and messaging services over the top of mobile networks.

While the software won’t officially debut until early 2011, several CounterPath “partners” (i.e. customers) are already in the process of bringing [...]

Voxbone adds SMS support to its phone numbers


Belgium-based Voxbone (www.voxbone.com) has added one-stop support of SMS services for its DID numbers. 

End-users with phone numbers in foreign markets can now received text messages at local rates.  Support is starting with phone numbers in the U.S., Canada, and the UK, with numbers in other countries to be added “in the next [...]

Phone.com adds slew of mobile features


Note: Phone.com is an advertiser on HD Voice News

Phone.com (www.phone.com) has cranked out a whole bunch of mobile features for its SMB service, including clients for the iPhone and Apple plus SMB send support on phone.com phone numbers.

Released in June, Phone.com added the Phone.com Mobile VoIP client for the iPhone and the [...]