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Ebay Settles with Skype – Now what?


The New York Times is reporting that Ebay has formally settled the litigation around selling Skype.   Terms of the blackmail, er deal include that the founders of Skype will drop their lawsuits against eBay and the investment consortium who planned to buy 65 percent of Skype in exchange for 14 percent in the “new” [...]

Digium's dull (but this is good) AstriCon


Glendale AZ & Washington DC – As Digium celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Asterisk IP telephony platform this week at the AstriCon developer’s conference with cake and funny hats, this year’s keynote presentation by IBM CTO Mike Smith drifted into the mundane and dull — a very good thing.

Smith, brought in to [...]

AT&T allows Skype – but don't expect them to roll over


AT&T, trying to avoid a FCC dope-slapping, announced that yes, it would allow Skype to make lower cost phone calls on the iPhone.  Interestingly, this comes on the heels of Vonage’s iPhone client last week.  Regardless of the outcome, don’t expect AT&T to rollover and play dead when it comes to net neutrality.

Allowing [...]

AstriCon keynotes – Ain't that interesting!


Every year for the past couple of years, the folks at Digium have rolled out a nice little surprise at the annual AstriCon event connected to the keynote speakers.  Two years ago, Digium announced it had purchased Switchvox (Hello Tristian!).  Last year, Skype and Digium announced a working relationship and a beta of a [...]

Skype gets freedom – now what?


Skype is now going to be an independent company like it always wanted. Owner eBay “unloaded” Skype for $2 billion in cash, but still holds 35 percent of the company. (Remember this, we’re coming back to it shortly).

The buying consortium is made up of Silver Lake Partners, Index Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, and [...]

The Google Voice and Gizmo5 connection


Over at his blog, Andy Abramson is reporting that Gizmo5 is testing a way for its users to make free U.S. outbound calls using Google Voice from any SIP device.

GizmoVoice is the latest mashup service that Gizmo5 has pulled together, leveraging its pieces with other people’s pieces/services for relatively no/low cost. Users of [...]

Born-again love for Skype at eBay?


EBay announced its quarterly financials yesterday and Skype brought in $170 million for the second quarter, a compound annual growth rate translating to 25 percent.   If this growth rate continues, it means that Skype will be bringing in around billion dollars within 24 months or less. Suddenly, kicking Skype out the door looks a [...]

Yes, Google Voice will give pain to Skype


As I noted last week, Google Voice is going to make life difficult for Skype — not traditional carriers.  Business Week seems to be in line with my general thinking in a piece out this morning — but gets confused on the details.

Where the Business Week “gets it”–

1) Google’s ubiqulity and many [...]

Google Voice takes aim against Skype


Forget all this crap about Google Voice being “your next phone company.” It’s Skype that is going to have some issues.

The Goog was brainwashing, showing off its latest Google Voice apps to Om Malik yesterday, with Google Voice service for BlackBerry and Android clients available.  Integration with GV and address book, cheap long [...]

Interoute gets Microsoft SIP trunking cert – why drag Skype into it?


Microsoft has certified Interoute as the first European provider to supply SIP trunking for Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) R2.  Why bother to drag Skype into the press release? Slow news day?

The Interoute release touts the announcement as enabling business-class unified commuications to “compete directly with Skype” for corporate users. I’m sure Skype [...]