HD Voice News

M5 Networks launches VoIP recording service


Speaking of VoIP recording, hosted business VoIP provider M5 Networks (www.m5.net) has announced M5 Replay, adding the ability for customers to record and retrieve recorded calls through a web interface.

The service is “made possible” through cloud computing technology – whatever that means these days – and is managed by M5, who stores and [...]

SIP Print and Grandstream Partner


SIP Print (www.sipprint.com) and Grandstream Networks (www.grandstream.com) have teamed up to sell SIP Print’s SIP-based call recording and monitoring service to Grandstream customers.  Yes, it’s a reseller deal.

Since Grandstream sells SIP phones, SIP Print’s call recording systems plug right into Grandstream’s customer base.

SIP Print will record up to 200 seats per [...]

FreeConferencecall.com adds automatic archiving


Free Conference Corporation – a.k.a. www.freeconferencecall.com – has added an archive recordings feature, enabling conference callers to save multiple recordings of pass conference calls for access at another time.

The feature automatically archives recorded calls. Archived calls can be accessed via the web or phone by simply entering a call’s specific reference number.  [...]