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HD Communications: The Third Wave

Tweet Or why you should care about wideband. Really.

Voice communications is entering into its third wave of evolution.  A third wave move to HD Communications represents an opportunity for carriers to redefine themselves and reassert their superiority relative to the “me too”  VoIP service providers that have driven cost down, but at the price [...]

HD Communications – Global Crossing details HD voice vision


Global Crossing is currently implementing HD voice conferencing for a very few of its elite (i.e. the guys who spend lotta money) customers on a one-off, customized basis, but the company expects to offer a productized hosted HD audio product in the near future.

“We have around two and a half types of customers [...]

Verizon Business: HD voice early adopters 2010, general adoption 2011


Verizon Business believes a few customers will make the move to HD (G.722) voice in 2010, with widespread adoption occurring in 2011. “We feel there’s a strong need for the service down 2010 and growing even stronger in 2011,” said Alla Reznik, Director of Advanced Voice Services.

Early adopters are expected to show up [...]

MetaSwitch, Nortel lay claims to the top of the VoIP softswitch hill


Last week, MetaSwitch asserted that it had assumed the Carrier VoIP leadership position. This week, it is Nortel rolling out report to lay claim to the worldwide title based upon carrier softswitch revenues.  Are they both right? Or neither?   Lies, damned lies, and statistics should give anyone a headache.

MetaSwitch quotes Infonetics Research‘s Service [...]

Qwest: No network sale, now what?


After a “strategic review” (i.e. we were shopping around), Qwest has decided to hold onto its long-haul network.    Parsing through a press release closing the door on a sale makes for interesting reading.

Qwest says it received “unsolicited indications of interest from potential purchasers” for its long distance network, so it went out and [...]

Qwest: It's the landlines, silly…


You almost get the impression that Qwest has a death wish.  It wants to sell off a business it is making money with — its long-haul network — while continuing to hold onto all of its (steadily declining) landline business.  What is wrong with this picture?

Since everyone knows Qwest is a wounded duck [...]

Verizon introduces a heavy cloud – CaaS (computing as a service)


Verizon Business has rolled out its “cloud-based” Computing as a Service (CaaS, not to be confused with SaaS) solution today.   Targeted to large enterprise customers, it isn’t likely to make a lot of waves at Amazon.

CaaS is being sharply aimed at business and government customers who want on-demand and surge computing resources.  It [...]

Summary: 29 things I learned at the HD Communications Summit


If you don’t feel like plowing through all of the HD Communications Summit pieces, here’s a recap of what went on.

1)       Jeff Pulver can still pull over 100 of the “right people”  to an event just after InterOp and just before the U.S. Memorial Day weekend.

2)       The baseline for a PSTN/POTS phone [...]

HD Communications Summit: Analysis – Will international needs bootstrap HD voice?


There’s a very good case to be made that international communications needs will pull HD into both the consumer and enterprise worlds.

On the consumer side of the VoIP world, European carriers are leading the way with HD voice deployment. BT, FT, Telecom Italia and T-Mobile are all deploying HD voice in their networks [...]

Will Verizon's data network be the key to slaying AT&T Wireless?


AT&T Wireless has been taken to task on a number of fronts when it comes to what exactly you get when you buy 3G data service. Coverage isn’t studly enough to make people like Om Malik happy using an iPhone. In the latest grumbling, SlingPlayer over the AT&T network has been turned into a [...]