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Vonage 2Q 2009 financial results – Half empty or half full?


I’ve been spending the last day staring at the ocean and pondering what the latest financials for Vonage really mean.  Is the glass half empty or half full?

The half-empty argument is pretty straightforward and buried at the end of the company’s rah-rah “We’re in the black” verbiage. Vonage lost a net 89,000 subscribers [...]

ooma gets more cash


TechCrunch says ooma has raised another $14 million, for a total of $56 million in VC money raised over the course of the company’s history.

Leading the round was Worldwide Technology Partners. and the deal reportedly wipes out (probably dilutes out) the other investors. TCrunch says that ooma was “really on the roaps and [...]

ooma goes RadioShack – Over the counter HD communications


Edited/Corrected on 6/2 @ 3:05 PM ET – ooma’s new product will support G.722, added comment about new codecs

Ooma announced today that its products/service will be available through 3,000 RadioShack stories nationwide.  The company bundles free lifetime PSTN local and long-distance US. phone service in with its VoIP broadband phone device. IP communications [...]

One missing of the HD Communications puzzle – A standards framework


One of the missing pieces out of the HD Communications puzzle is standards — yes, plural.  There are plenty of codec standards, mind you, but what defines an HD phone call, really?  The telecommunications industry may have to borrow from a page from the TV world at some point down the road.

The lowest [...]