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Bidding war could deliver more cash for Nortel, assets


The bidding for the corpse and pieces of Nortel has gotten more interesting.  The Ottawa Citizen reports “vulture fund” MatlinPatterson Global Advisors is making a play for Nortel.  It couldn’t convince a U.S. bankruptcy court for an extension to the bidding process of Nortel wireless assets to Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), however.

MatlinPatterson wanted [...]

Nortel UC card going, Microsoft relationship already gone


Nortel’s asset fire sale “could possibly gut” its 3 year UC partnership with Microsoft, Network World says. Uh, yah think?   Given that HP and Microsoft swore to be friends and jointly invest up to $180 million at InterOp last month, I’d say both companies are in splitsville.

Back in 2006, Nortel and Microsoft rolled [...]

Who will buy Nortel's VoIP piece?


Squabbling between Nortel and MetaSwitch as to who has the biggest market share may be over, since Nortel is being split up into pieces for pennies on the dollar.

Light Reading has made the analyst rounds as to who might be bidding on Nortel’s VoIP and switching assets. Analysts say Sonus Networks, GENBAND, Nokia [...]

MetaSwitch, Nortel lay claims to the top of the VoIP softswitch hill


Last week, MetaSwitch asserted that it had assumed the Carrier VoIP leadership position. This week, it is Nortel rolling out report to lay claim to the worldwide title based upon carrier softswitch revenues.  Are they both right? Or neither?   Lies, damned lies, and statistics should give anyone a headache.

MetaSwitch quotes Infonetics Research‘s Service [...]