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New mobile service: AT&T or Verizon?


While I’ve had Sprint since forever, I’m in the process of reviewing other options.   Sure I’ve got “unlimited” data, but I’ve been paying the $10 extra for WiMax, but I’ve only used it a handful of times at best.  I have to pay more money to enable Wi-Fi tethering on my HTC Evo.


Global Crossing adds new desktop and mobile collaboration apps


While I was running around at Metaswitch Forum last week, Global Crossing (www.globalcrossing.com) introduced Global Crossing Connect Solutions, a family of apps for collaboration built around a standard API. The pair of new apps expand how its customers can use Global Crossing Ready-Access collaboration services.

Global Crossing Connect Desktop enables users to join and [...]

Phone.com adds slew of mobile features


Note: Phone.com is an advertiser on HD Voice News

Phone.com (www.phone.com) has cranked out a whole bunch of mobile features for its SMB service, including clients for the iPhone and Apple plus SMB send support on phone.com phone numbers.

Released in June, Phone.com added the Phone.com Mobile VoIP client for the iPhone and the [...]