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Common sense takes hold – Mitel won't sue Ottawa over VoIP contract


Mitel won’t sue the city of Ottawa over aVoIP contract award that went over to Bell Canada and Cisco, reports the Ottawa Citizen.

Issuing a statement yesterday,  the company said “Although Mitel has been advised that there are legal grounds to seek judicial review of the City’s decision, we have concluded that it [...]

Ottawa moves forward with VoIP contract despite Mitel protests and threats


The city council of Ottawa voted 16-5 to award a $6 million (CN) VoIP contract to Bell Canada and Cisco yesterday, reports The Ottawa Citizen.  Will Mitel now sue over how the contract was handled, as it has threatened?

Mitel has waged a concerted PR and lobbying effort to get the current procurement thrown [...]

Mitel presses Ottawa over lost VoIP contract


Mitel doesn’t know when to quit, but will the PR damage be worth the cost? While we Yanks were getting an early start for the 4th on the 3rd, The Ottawa Citizen reports that Ottawa’s procurement experts said the city should reject Mitel’s protests on a VoIP contract award and immediately give the business [...]

Mitel throws fit over Ottawa VoIP contract loss


First the carrot, now the stick: Since the city of Ottawa wouldn’t accept a “donation” of IP phones from Mitel in exchange for getting exclusive rights, Mitel is now claiming that it didn’t know the city’s computer network had been upgraded to carry VoIP calls; ergo, Cisco knew and had a competitive advantage.

In [...]

Mitel dumps (CN) $2M "free" phone offer to Ottawa


Mitel backpedaled on a $2 million (CN) offer of free phone hardware to its hometown city of Ottawa.  Mitel had offered up the “gift” in exchange for it and its partners to become the city’s sole supplier of VoIP technology after losing a bid on a contract to supply VoIP equipment and services.

The [...]