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Yes, I’m still here–see me at Metaswitch Forum and IT EXPO West


I’ve been a wee bit disconnected with the whole blog thing for DougonIPComm for a variety of reasons.

However, I’m still contributing to TMC, still doing the HD voice thing (www.hdvoicenews.com), and I’ll be at Metaswitch Forum and IT EXPO West in October.

Metaswitch Forum is in Orlando, Florida this year. I [...]

Setting the fall schedule: Metaswitch Forum & IT EXPO West 2012, maybe Astricon


October 2012 will be busy, with a week of packed activities.

Metaswitch Forum will be in Orlando from October 1-5.  I’ll be on site from roughly Monday afternoon, October 1 through Tuesday afternoon, October 2.

Wednesday I’ll be in Austin, Texas for IT EXPO West 2012 and moderating sessions on Thursday, with a Thursday [...]

From Metaswitch Forum 2011–My video interview



My video chat with the Metaswitch PR guy

We talk about the migration from TDM to IP and why face-to-face events continue to be important.

(I’m the guy in the pink shirt, FYI).


Metaswitch Forum 2011–The Power of "M”–but what about JAMES BOND?!?


Theme for the upcoming Metaswitch Forum 2011 in Las Vegas is:  The Power of “M.” 

Uh hmm.

Now I’m nothing but an uncivilized American, but even I know that when we talk about the power of “M,” we’re talking James Bond’s “M.”   Even Wikipedia has “M” listed as James Bond!


Take your [...]

Event schedule–August through October: Gigaset, IT EXPO, Metaswitch Forum


Have just firmed up my travel schedule for the next three months–


August 8, Gigaset reseller/press event, Dallas, TX

A quick overnight trip, no chance for briefings other than with Gigaset.


IT EXPO West 2011, September 13-15, 2011, Austin, Texas. 

TMC is scheduling a press day on Monday, [...]

Lining up August, Fall travel plans – IT EXPO West, Metaswitch Forum 2011


In August,I expect to make a day trip down to Dallas for the Gigaset love-in. Probably drive them nuts with HD voice questions.

If it’s September, it must be IT EXPO West.  In Austin this year – a refreshing change from the LA/Miami circuit – from September 13 through 15.   Austin is a great [...]

Metaswitch Forum 2011–Going to Vegas in high style


Dates and a location for Metaswitch Forum 2011 have been announced.   The event will be October 3-6, 2011, at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. 

Yes, the Bellagio, I’m looking at the email now.  Originally, the week of September 9 had been floated along with the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas as the [...]

Metaswitch Forum 2011 – “Week of September 19th”


I have received a note from the Meta-people that Metaswitch Forum will be the week of September 19th, not the week of the 9th.  And a remind the contract with the Vegas hotel is still pending, not yet signed.

I have corrected. Maybe you guys can do a PowerPoint slide at the end [...]

Metaswitch Forum – Check in on Foursquare


If you are attending the Metaswitch Forum (www.metaswitch.com/forum2010), could you please check in on Foursquare?

Part of this is ego and part of this is experiment: I created the Metaswitch Forum sign-in last night, so I’d like to see people use it.  I would also like to see how many people ARE using [...]

Metaswitch Forum – Yes, I’m here


At long last, Metaswitch Forum has arrived, from today through Friday morning (Seriously guys, can we try to trim off a day somewhere for the press people? I love you all and want to spent quality time, but four days – with the travel thrown in – is a bit long).

Tonight is the [...]