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Nortel bid drama stirred by NSN, MaitlinPatterson


News reports across the wire are repeating comments by a Nokia Siemens Network (NSN) official who said the company might bid on other Nortel assets as they become available.  Meanwhile, vulture capital firm MaitlinPatterson Global Advisors is proportedly building a “dream team” of executives to advise on reorganizing and running Nortel if it wins [...]

Analysis: Verizon/Frontier – Frontier's side


Frontier has an uphill battle selling this deal to regulations and its own shareholders.  The ghost of the Verizon/FairPoint deal in Northern New England is going to loom strongly for anyone who followed the train wreck when FairPoint switched over its back office systems from Verizon’s rentals to its own gear. Also the not-so-little [...]

Analysis: Verizon/Frontier – Verizon's side


Earlier today, Verizon announced it was selling off 4.8 million access lines in 14 states — rural areas — shedding 11,000 employees, and expecting to clear around $8.6 billion, between losing debt associated with the operations and a Frontier stock “dividend” paid to its shareholders.

OK, what’s not to like?

While this may be [...]