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The missing piece in a national broadband policy


What do you do with voice and the legacy telephone network? Everyone is such a hurry to get to the future that they don’t want to deal with today and tomorrow.

It is time for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to take a (long overdue) time out and review the current status of the [...]

Verizon landline dialtone restored, but questions remain.


At one point this morning, there were two Verizon trucks plus a contractor’s pickup with backhoe at the ready.

Turns out they only need a couple of shovels.

Around the corner, the lead Verizon tech of the day found damage that apparently had come from/around work done on the cable company box — a [...]

Monday morning and the disconnect between Verizon repair and Verizon call center — again


At 9:48 AM, I received a call from a Verizon call center in Virginia, telling me that my landline service was fixed and if I had any questions or other problems, please feel free to call. This message was read by a human being working through a script.

Meanwhile,  there’s a Verizon truck parked [...]

Verizon repair Sunday phone call


Verizon supervisors work on Sundays, it appears.

I spent 10 minutes on the phone going over the repair status of my Verizon landline with a Verizon supervisor.  I currently have dial-tone through a temporary jury-rig (hmm, reminds me, must take pictures) between my NIC and my neighbor’s.

The sup was concerned that I didn’t [...]

Virginia PUC responds faster than Verizon landline repair


My Verizon landline went dead on Monday. I filed a trouble ticket on Monday evening. At that time I was told that “the latest someone would be out to look at my line would be Monday, July 13, but if there’s someone free earlier, we’ll call you…”

Seven days for a tech to come [...]

Qwest: No network sale, now what?


After a “strategic review” (i.e. we were shopping around), Qwest has decided to hold onto its long-haul network.    Parsing through a press release closing the door on a sale makes for interesting reading.

Qwest says it received “unsolicited indications of interest from potential purchasers” for its long distance network, so it went out and [...]

Frontier picks up 4.8 million access lines from Verizon


Frontier Communication is buying 4.8 million access lines and the related business assets from Verizon in an all-stock deal worth $8.6 billion.

My head hurts parsing through the implications.

Pending regulatory approval, Frontier will become the largest “pure rural” communications service provider and (more importantly) the nation’s fifth largest ILEC with more than 7 [...]