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Junction Networks signs up 10,000 hosted VoIP customers


Junction Networks (www.junctionnetworks.com) has added its 10,000-th customer to its OnSIP hosted PBX service.

Junction’s OnSIP phone service is typically targeted at companies with anywhere from 5 to 100 employees, with an average cost per user under $20.  OnSIP what you expect out of a hosted VoIP service these days, including a complete [...]

Junction Networks tags PhoneTag to offer voicemail-to-text


Junction Networks (www.junctionnetworks.com) has partnered with DiTech Network’s PhoneTag voicemail-to-text service. 

OnSIP customers will now be able to sign up for PhoneTag V2T (voicemail-to-text) service to get the whole, well, voicemail-to-text thing directly to their email inbox; a .WAV file is attached for listening as well. 

The first week is free. After [...]