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HD Communications Summit: Codec convergence, "HD" logo take center stage


At yesterday’s HD Communications Summit, most equipment manufacturers said they would like to see fewer HD codecs and an “HD voice” logo to slap on to their boxes and gear.  Discussion also took place on the relative virtues of a “free” codec and the intellectual property issues associated with free codecs.

Handset manufacturers Polycom [...]

HD Communications Summit: Pulver announces HD marketing association, FCC petition, fall event


New York City –  VoIP’s purple pundit wasted no time at the HD Communications Summit in declaring his intentions.  Jeff Pulver, founder of the original VON franchise in 1997, announced the creation of the “HD Connect” HD voice marketing association and a plan to put a petition before the FCC to convert the country’s [...]

At Jeff Pulver's HD Communications Summit today…


Twittering live from DougonIPComm. Will post more later…

Working through the communications continuum


Voice, HD voice, videoconferencing, telepresence, live meetings: How do they all fit together? People have a range of communications choices, but which is the most effective? Chalan Aras, VP of Product Marketing at Polycom and I had a chat about this recently.

In the beginning, people had two real time communications options: the PSTN [...]