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Upcoming events—ADTRAN/Huntsville, CES 2012, IT EXPO East 2012


Between now and the beginning of February, I’ll be at three different industry events.


ADTRAN media briefings – Huntsville, AL

ADTRAN’s annual briefing event, held in Huntsville. Always interesting because of what you learn about ADTRAN and its neighborhood community.


CES 2012 – Las Vegas

Held this year towards the beginning of [...]

The Horribus of January, but IT EXPO East is next week


I had planned to have my HD voice report done by the end of January, but I was seriously sick (probably the flu) coming back from CES 2011. 

On top of that, multiple snow days has thrown my schedule for a big loop.

However, next week is ITEXPO (or is it IT [...]

Fall 2009 events – Where I'll be


So far, my fall dance card looks like this–

IT EXPO West 2009, Los Angeles Convention Center, September 1-2

I’ll be moderating for one panel on Tuesday and taking briefings in the TMC press room on Tuesday and Wednesday, September 1 & 2.

HD Communications Summit, Round II, September 15-16, 2009,New World Stages, 340 [...]