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CounterPath upgrades Apple iOS NEC clients.


CounterPath (www.counterpath.com) has upgraded its soft client for the Apple i-Family (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and added a softclient to the NEC world.

The Bria iPhone Edition Version 1.1 is compatible with Apple’s iOS 4 operating system and enables multitaking on the iPhone; it will also do so on the iPad when iOS [...]

Phone.com adds slew of mobile features


Note: Phone.com is an advertiser on HD Voice News

Phone.com (www.phone.com) has cranked out a whole bunch of mobile features for its SMB service, including clients for the iPhone and Apple plus SMB send support on phone.com phone numbers.

Released in June, Phone.com added the Phone.com Mobile VoIP client for the iPhone and the [...]

Digium Switchvox gets IPhone, Blackberry app boost


Digium (www.digium.com) has announced the availability of Switchvox Mobile applications for iPhone and Blackbeery.  The freely downloadable apps integrate with the Switchvox VoIP/UC solution to bring “advanced UC” functionality to users when they are away from the office.

The Switchvox Mobileapps are connected to an employee’s phone extension so when mobile workers make a [...]

VoiceCon/Connect Enterprise: Sipera unveils UC security for the iPhone


Orlando, FL – For VoiceCon, Sipera Systems (www.sipera.com) has announced secure UC for the iPhone using its SLIC secure smartphone UC solution.

The company says SLIC – a finalist in the “Best of VoiceCon”  voting – provides enterprise-class communications privacy, compliance, and security, enabling enterprises to use VoIP, UC, cloud telephony and other communications [...]

DiVitas Networks moves mobile UC client to Android, Blackberry, iPhone, desktop


Mobile UC solution provider DiVitas Networks continues to make steady progress.  Today, the company announced it is rolling out “Enterprise Social Networking” (Hmm, I wonder if they’ve seen Avaya’s FacePhone demo) for all major commercially-available smartphones, including web client support for Android, Blackberry, and the iPhone.  In addition, they added a desktop — which [...]

Vonage (finally) releases its Blackberry & iPhone mobile VoIP clients


After plenty of foreshadowing statements on earnings conference calls, Vonage has released Vonage Mobile, a free downloadable application for low-cost international calling on smartphones.  The app is said to provide “seamless” low-cost international calling while on Wi-Fi or cellular networks.

Vonage says the service will have custmers more than 50 percent on calls to [...]

Vonage gets a Wall Street lift for working on an iPhone app?


Apparently, someone or someones is interested in pumping Vonage stock this week.   Or it may be some people are drinking the Kool-Aid because the stock has gone from under 50 cents a share to over $2 bucks in a weeks time. That whole 300 percent lift gets stock gurus all hot and sweaty…

Frost [...]

Kabuki theatre over Apple iPhone/AT&T/Google Voice


Can we just cut to the chase and allow VoIP apps on the iPhone already, regardless of who does them and what network they use?

AT&T has apparently ‘ fessed up that, why yes, the iPhone deal does block VoIP apps from using its cellular network, but VoIP over Wi-Fi is somehow OK.

And [...]

Comcast shows iPhone love


Comcast has announced a free mobile app for the iPhone to allow its customers access to all of the company’s “favorite” services, including  a unified email inbox, visual voice mail, address book sync, TV listings, and trailers.   One could almost image a Comcast product manager opening up his window and yelling “Can you hear [...]