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Sprint HTC EVO SSID Cisco WRT310N issue


Sprint HTC EVO Wi-Fi SSID Problem Report

Written by: Doug Mohney (moo@vegascommando.com)

Last updated: 6/24/2010; added solution for problem.

(OK, to be fair, this is a Cisco WRT310N firmware issue rather than an EVO issue, but the buzz I’ve heard circles around the EVO….)

Observed Issue: Sprint HTC EVO fails to find unbroadcast/”hidden” SSID [...]

Bought a Sprint HTC EVO phone


I’m currently working with a Sprint HTC EVO phone. Please be advised this is MY phone bought with MY money at *gulp* FULL price, so I’m not enthrall to Sprint for nothing.

(If anything, Sprint is on my bad list because one of their call center people told a whopping fat lie about the [...]