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LMADotD – HP buys network gear in 3Com


(LMADotD – “Let’s make a deal” of the day)

HP coughed up pocket change – $2.7 billion — to buy 3Com.  Expect lots layoffs at 3Com in the future.

Analysts are trying to spin this as HP takes on Cisco since 3Com has Ethernet switches and some routers. The deal also gives HP a [...]

HP moves deeper into telecom, UC


Among the remaining titans of ICT (Information and Communication Technology), HP has taken advantage of the failings and chaos of other companies (i.e. Nortel) to expand its positions in the telecom and UC arenas.  In the convergence between IT and telecommunications, HP may have the upper hand.

Under an agreement rolled out earlier this [...]

Nortel UC card going, Microsoft relationship already gone


Nortel’s asset fire sale “could possibly gut” its 3 year UC partnership with Microsoft, Network World says. Uh, yah think?   Given that HP and Microsoft swore to be friends and jointly invest up to $180 million at InterOp last month, I’d say both companies are in splitsville.

Back in 2006, Nortel and Microsoft rolled [...]