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May travel – The Cable Show, HD Comms West, Metaswitch Forum


It’s going to be a busy travel month in May, with destinations including Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, and Nashville.

On May 10, I fly out to Los Angeles for The Cable Show. I’ll be in-city from Monday afternoon through Tuesday evening, including on the floor of The Cable Show on Tuesday from about 3-6 [...]

Tweeting today from @HDConnectNow


Live coverage of the HD Comm ’09 event in New York City today will be coming from Twitter on HDConnectNow.

HD Communications – Jeff Pulver's woodside chat


Jeff Pulver goes into his back yard to discuss the promise and potential of HD Communications in a 3 minute, 48 second YouTube video.

The video arrives as Pulver and partner Dan Berninger have finalized plans for the September 15, 2009 HD Communications event in New York City.

A summary of HD Communications Pieces


Over the past week, I’ve been pulling together information to pump up the HDConnectNow website, www.hdconnectnow.org.    Here’s a summary of the different thought pieces and the coverage of the first HD Communications Summit back in May (May! How time flies…)

Thought pieces on HD Communications

HD Communications: The Third Wave

HD Communications [...]

HD Communications – Where do Cox and Global Crossing stand?


As I clean out my in-box of bits and pieces this week, Cox and Global Crossing are two different companies that have indicated they doing to do something with HD Communications and HD Voice.  The bigger questions are “When?” and “How?”

A Cox spokesperson said the company was looking into HD Voice, but at [...]

If Blair Levin is at the FCC, what might this mean for HD Communications?


Last week, Blair Levin officially returned to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to “help coordinate its development of a national broadband plan,” saith acting FCC Chairman Michael Copps.    But let’s be honest,  Blair probably already had a reserved parking space over there given his involvement in the Obama transition team on tech policy, working [...]

HD Communications – Optimum LightPath talks about its business HD Voice offering


Optimum Lightpath’s HD voice offering is as much about being just another hosted application as it is about better quality voice calls, said company officials.

“One of the great promises of hosted voice is as the feature server is upgraded, [customers] don’t have to pay for an upgrade, said John Macario, Optimum Senior Vice [...]

ooma goes RadioShack – Over the counter HD communications


Edited/Corrected on 6/2 @ 3:05 PM ET – ooma’s new product will support G.722, added comment about new codecs

Ooma announced today that its products/service will be available through 3,000 RadioShack stories nationwide.  The company bundles free lifetime PSTN local and long-distance US. phone service in with its VoIP broadband phone device. IP communications [...]

Pulver plans four for fall (HD Communications events)


Jeff Pulver is not planning just one follow-on HD Communications event this fall, but four of them, adding stops in Europe, Israel and potentially Australia.

A two day event in New York city is currently penciled in for September 15 and 16, but Pulver feels that he needs to be where “HD is happening” [...]

One missing of the HD Communications puzzle – A standards framework


One of the missing pieces out of the HD Communications puzzle is standards — yes, plural.  There are plenty of codec standards, mind you, but what defines an HD phone call, really?  The telecommunications industry may have to borrow from a page from the TV world at some point down the road.

The lowest [...]