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Google Gizmo5 deal is not THAT exciting


Last week, Google officially ‘fessed up to buying Gizmo5 for an “undisclosed amount.”  Now everyone is falling all over themselves to spin this as the Greatest Thing since sliced bread.  Excuse me, did everyone forget that it took Google a YEAR before it got its act together with Google Voice?  Don’t expect this to [...]

Google Buys Gizmo…maybe?


According to TechCrunch, Google has shelled out around $30 million in cash to scoop up Gizmo5.   Of course, the rumor mill last month had Gizmo5 being bought by Skype as a SIP backup plan if they couldn’t get JoltID and various other proprietary technologies secured.

The timing of this rumor/impending announcement is, shall we [...]

The Google Voice and Gizmo5 connection


Over at his blog, Andy Abramson is reporting that Gizmo5 is testing a way for its users to make free U.S. outbound calls using Google Voice from any SIP device.

GizmoVoice is the latest mashup service that Gizmo5 has pulled together, leveraging its pieces with other people’s pieces/services for relatively no/low cost. Users of [...]