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HD Communications – Cablevision fired the first business HD voice service shot in North America


Optimum Lightpath, Cablevision’s business arm, has announced what it terms the “first” high-definition voice service for mid-sized to large businesses, with service available in June 2009 in the New York metropolitan area.

The release touts using Optimum’s hosted VoIP service, shiny new Cisco IP phones, and the company’s fiber-optic network to deliver the best [...]

Yes, I have made some HD-quality voice calls


Over the past two weeks, I have participated in a couple of HD-quality phone calls, using  ZipDX for the connecting service and its version of X-Lite that incorporates the G.722 wideband codec.

ZipDX provides a lot of value-add features for scheduling conference calls, including auto-ID of call-in participants and integration with web-based and other [...]

ooma goes RadioShack – Over the counter HD communications


Edited/Corrected on 6/2 @ 3:05 PM ET – ooma’s new product will support G.722, added comment about new codecs

Ooma announced today that its products/service will be available through 3,000 RadioShack stories nationwide.  The company bundles free lifetime PSTN local and long-distance US. phone service in with its VoIP broadband phone device. IP communications [...]