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Metaswitch Forum – Check in on Foursquare


If you are attending the Metaswitch Forum (www.metaswitch.com/forum2010), could you please check in on Foursquare?

Part of this is ego and part of this is experiment: I created the Metaswitch Forum sign-in last night, so I’d like to see people use it.  I would also like to see how many people ARE using [...]

The Vegas EVO Experiment


I’m headed out to Las Vegas for DEFCON 18. To get the whole Jeff Pulver “Living in the State of Now” experience, I’ve got my Sprint HTC EVO fired up, GPS radio “on” and logged into FourSquare. 

Once I hit the ground, I’ll fire up the WiMAX 4G phone in the EVO. As [...]