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Fonality re-launches, sets sights higher in Hosted PBX world


After being off the PR radar for nearly a year, Fonality (www.fonality.com) has gone through an extreme makeover and started making noise again through a “relaunch” of the company that includes 1) A website redesign 2) Actually talking to media again and 3) Doing a big presence at IT EXPO West.  Oh yes, and [...]

Fonality's Fight Club, Digium's Flight Club


On June 27, Fonality starts the first round of its mixed martial arts (MMA) style “Fight club” rounds.  Chris Lyman, you need to cut back on the Red Bull, brother!

They call it Fonality Fight Club. As a stunt, invitation to hit the boss, and/or stress relief, 17 Fonality staff members, will “with no [...]