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Net neutrality and Verizon bandwidth cap crazy talk


No sooner than the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) talked up formalizing Net Neutrality policy than did Verizon CTO Dick Lynch appear a week later and talked smack about metered bandwidth options. Hmm, could these items be related? Hmm…

In the past, Verizon lobbyists have left the option of a metered plan open, prefacing it [...]

Verizon unloads wireline operations in 14 states to Frontier


Verizon is selling off its wireline operations in predominantly rural areas across 14 states to Frontier.  Ba-be, we can hear you now…

The transaction is expected to return around $8.6 billion to Verizon and its shareholders as Verizon continues to “transform its growth profile” (i.e. shed parts of its business that aren’t making money [...]