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Ebay Settles with Skype – Now what?


The New York Times is reporting that Ebay has formally settled the litigation around selling Skype.   Terms of the blackmail, er deal include that the founders of Skype will drop their lawsuits against eBay and the investment consortium who planned to buy 65 percent of Skype in exchange for 14 percent in the “new” [...]

Skype gets freedom – now what?


Skype is now going to be an independent company like it always wanted. Owner eBay “unloaded” Skype for $2 billion in cash, but still holds 35 percent of the company. (Remember this, we’re coming back to it shortly).

The buying consortium is made up of Silver Lake Partners, Index Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, and [...]

Born-again love for Skype at eBay?


EBay announced its quarterly financials yesterday and Skype brought in $170 million for the second quarter, a compound annual growth rate translating to 25 percent.   If this growth rate continues, it means that Skype will be bringing in around billion dollars within 24 months or less. Suddenly, kicking Skype out the door looks a [...]