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Enterprise Connect 2012: From Enterprise Connect to… Business Connect


A couple of years ago, VoiceCon morphed into Enterprise Connect because there was UC, there was video, and voice was just so passé. When I talked to Co-chair/CEO Fred Knight back in the day, he said the “sweet spot” for the show were enterprise clients with 1,000 seats or more. Big companies.  Multi-site companies. [...]

CounterPath will roll in wireline mobility services for ITSPs, wireline operators


CounterPath (www.counterpath.com) has announced that the next release of its Messaging Convergence Gateway (MCG) 2.0 will give wireline operators the ability to extend VoIP and messaging services over the top of mobile networks.

While the software won’t officially debut until early 2011, several CounterPath “partners” (i.e. customers) are already in the process of bringing [...]

CounterPath officially announces Bria Android


At IT EXPO last week, CounterPath (www.counterpath.com) officially announced that it will roll out an Android version of it’s Bria softphone at the end of this month (October).

Bria Android will work both over 3G and WiFi networks, and joins versions for the Apple iOS (iPad, iPod, iPhone) family, and Mac, Linux, and Windows-based [...]

CounterPath releases X-Lite 4.0


Counterpath (www.counterpath.com) put out X-Lite 4.0 last week, it’s entry-level voice and video softphone for the Mac and Windows PCs.

Available free (yes, free) via download, CounterPath says X-Lite 4.0 has built on a year’s worth of beta user feedback, adding a new user interface to provide a choice between a contact-centric experience, a [...]

CounterPath upgrades Apple iOS NEC clients.


CounterPath (www.counterpath.com) has upgraded its soft client for the Apple i-Family (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and added a softclient to the NEC world.

The Bria iPhone Edition Version 1.1 is compatible with Apple’s iOS 4 operating system and enables multitaking on the iPhone; it will also do so on the iPad when iOS [...]

CounterPath upgrades Bria


CounterPath (www.counterpath.com) has released Bria 3.1 for the Mac and Windows.

The latest version of the VoIP soft client includes support for multiple accounts. Users can select on-the-fly which account to use for voice, IM and HD video calling, regardless of the type of network (wired or wireless) in use. Bria 3.1 also includes [...]