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Comcast goes cheap voice – announces international bundle


Deja cheap minutes! Comcast has jumped onto the how-low-can-you-go bandwagon, announcing a bundle of 300 anytime international minutes for a flat fee of $15 (well, $14.95 per month.  This fits in with the preaching I did late yesterday about vanilla voice minutes and this morning’s manifesto about the third wave of voice communications being [...]

HD Communications: The Third Wave

Tweet Or why you should care about wideband. Really.

Voice communications is entering into its third wave of evolution.  A third wave move to HD Communications represents an opportunity for carriers to redefine themselves and reassert their superiority relative to the “me too”  VoIP service providers that have driven cost down, but at the price [...]

Vanilla voice – How low can you go?


The fight over vanilla voice services is starting to get a little crazy, and I expect to get it more so as the days go buy.

In the mail this week, I have an offer from Cox Communications of Northern Virginia offering unlimited local and long distance service and the other bells and whistles [...]

ooma gets more cash


TechCrunch says ooma has raised another $14 million, for a total of $56 million in VC money raised over the course of the company’s history.

Leading the round was Worldwide Technology Partners. and the deal reportedly wipes out (probably dilutes out) the other investors. TCrunch says that ooma was “really on the roaps and [...]

Key highlights from France Telecom's HD voice deployment


Going over my notes from the HD Communications Summit last month, it is instructive to look at the European carrier most bullish on HD voice — France Telecom (FT).

The comapny currently has the largest documented HD deployment in the world having sold over 400,000 HD handsets to a VoIP customer base of around [...]

Vonage confirms: No HD communications in the near future


Last month,  some folks believed Vonage’s “sounds good” campaign indicated the company was going to roll out a wideband service.  I went to the horse’s (or is it bird’s?) mouth: Vonage_Voice on Twitter and received confirmation that HD is not in the company’s near future plans.

Michael Zema, one of Vonage’s PR guys,  outlined [...]

Jaxtr snapped up by SabSe


Bargain buys week continues, as SabSe Technologies acquires jaxtr.  Sab-who?

Under the deal, SabSe will continue to maintain and expand the jaxtr service under the jaxtr brand alongside the SabSeBolo brand.  SabSe believes that jaxtr’s consumer services will complement its SMB portfolio and help to accelerate sales and market presence.

However, jaxtr seems to [...]

Sipgate promises free calls – and what else is new?


Sipgate promises free phone calls. The media blindly froths at the mouth. Can’t anyone look at a press release skeptically these days?

Anyone claiming that they have the ability to replace most of the nation’s 100 million landlines with a free service can’t be taken seriously. I mean, this is what Skype is all [...]

DT decides to allow Skype – for a price


Deutsche Telekom (DT) has said it won’t ban VoIP on its mobile networks in Germany, but customers will have to pay extra for the service.   Can’t wait to see this get taking to the EU.

DT T-Mobile customers in Germany will shell out a surcharge starting at 9.95 euros per month to use VoIP [...]

Summary: 29 things I learned at the HD Communications Summit


If you don’t feel like plowing through all of the HD Communications Summit pieces, here’s a recap of what went on.

1)       Jeff Pulver can still pull over 100 of the “right people”  to an event just after InterOp and just before the U.S. Memorial Day weekend.

2)       The baseline for a PSTN/POTS phone [...]