HD Voice News

Enterprise Connect availability: March 27-28


I’ll be on site at Enterprise Connect on March 27 and March 28.  

General topics of interest for this show are:  

Cloud telephony and the migration away from the tradition PBX model in an enterprise setting.  SIP interoperability and federation. HD voice and continued movement towards wideband voice solution in the enterprise [...]

Everybody intros cloud-communications service for Enterprise Connect


NOT from Orlando, Florida – Global Crossing, Verizon Business, and XO Communications all introduced cloud-based communications services today.

You can find more information on XO’s rollout of its HD voice and video service on HD Voice News.  Key points out of its release are 1) They’re supporting HD voice and video on an enterprise-basis [...]

Cloud computing storming (and obscuring) at all levels: SMB, Tier 1, IP Centrix (ugh)


Everyone is on the cloud computing bandwagon, making it the “it” marketing term for people explaining exactly what they do (and the UC people should be scared because cloud is overrunning “UC”).  Tier 1 service providers, including Verizon Business and France Telecom, are storming ahead while other people use more – shall we say [...]

Dialogic goes software wild


Dialogic (www.dialogic.com) has unleashed a raft of software-based products this month along with a cloud-based developer network/service.

The software announcements – four total, two updates, two new products – are all grouped under the PowerMedia media processing family/brand.

PowerMedia IP Media Server (IPMS) and Host Media Processing (HMP) software should be familiar to Dialogic [...]

Plum Voice joins the Cloud Telephony app crowd


Plum Voice (www.plumvoice.com) has announced the availability of a cloud telephony solution with a combo of IVR editor/platform accessible through a web browser.

The QuickFuse (quickfuseapps.com) is an IVR editor that puts APIs “in the background” and puts visual call flows to the “foreground” on top of a self-contained cloud service.  The editor enables [...]

Voxeo gets Asterisk open, cloud-y.


Voxeo has made two open source announcements in the last two days, establishing Voxeo Labs for open source/open standard solutions and releasing the Tropo.com cloud telephony service source code for free under open source licenses.

Voxeo Labs will be staffed by the guys who brought you Adhearsion, Jay Phillips and Jason Goecke.  Since Adhearson [...]