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CES 2011–The Cisco non-press conference


Las Vegas – I tried to get into the Cisco press conference today.  Should have known something was wrong when they stared handing out “Stand-by” tickets and had sign-holders for “Confirmed” and “Stand-by” lines.

After I and about 30-50 other press people were turned away because they room had been packed to the [...]

Tracking me and the news at CES 2011 next week


Consumer Electronics Show 2011 “How to find/follow Doug”

I am rolling into Vegas on Tuesday morning and the first session for the media is the “State of Consumer Technology” industry brief at 2 PM, followed by…

Well, I don’t need to detail the full agenda since I’ll end up screaming after the first [...]

So you want to meet me at CES 2011…hah. Hah. Hahahah.


Yes, this post is for you, Mr. “I would like to meet with Doug, but haven’t gotten around to it yet” PR person.

I’m getting into Las Vegas for CES on the morning of January 4 and leaving/running away screaming on the evening of Friday, January 7. There’s at least two days where I’ll [...]

CES announces Telecom Pavilion


Taking advantage of (hopefully final, stick a fork in it, it’s done) the SUPERCOMM implosion, CES (www.cesweb.org) has announced a dedicated telecom pavilion. (Not that I needed another excuse to go to CES…)

Scheduled to run January 6-9, 2011 in Vegas, the Telecom Pavilion will be focused on broadband equipment and services. More specifically [...]