HD Voice News

CableLabs quietly publishes ENUM standards


CableLabs (www.cablelabs.com), the technology standards group for the cable industry, has published the PacketCable IP Interconnect specifications.  The specifications open up the ability for cable companies to interconnect directly.

Specifically, the two published specs define ENUM server provisioning and how the ENUM server resolves an IP address and CableLabs describes the IP Internet package [...]

Jeff Pulver talks HD Commnications with cable companies


This week, Jeff Pulver is in Denver for the CableLabs Summer Conference and will be speaking on a HD Voice panel for the invitation-only event on Tuesday.

Since CableLabs is the non-profit R&D consortium for cable operators, it will be interesting to see what CableLabs and the bigger operators have to say about HD [...]

HD Communications Summit: Analysis – Will international needs bootstrap HD voice?


There’s a very good case to be made that international communications needs will pull HD into both the consumer and enterprise worlds.

On the consumer side of the VoIP world, European carriers are leading the way with HD voice deployment. BT, FT, Telecom Italia and T-Mobile are all deploying HD voice in their networks [...]