HD Voice News

8×8 gets ready for HD communications


Business VoIP provider 8×8 is getting ready for the introduction of high-quality voice services sometime in the near future. The company anticipates deploying the G.722 codec in a firmware push to its over 16,000 customers, with the exact timing and business model to be determined.

“[High quality voice] would just simply be a firmware [...]

HP moves deeper into telecom, UC


Among the remaining titans of ICT (Information and Communication Technology), HP has taken advantage of the failings and chaos of other companies (i.e. Nortel) to expand its positions in the telecom and UC arenas.  In the convergence between IT and telecommunications, HP may have the upper hand.

Under an agreement rolled out earlier this [...]

HD Communications: The Third Wave

Tweet Or why you should care about wideband. Really.

Voice communications is entering into its third wave of evolution.  A third wave move to HD Communications represents an opportunity for carriers to redefine themselves and reassert their superiority relative to the “me too”  VoIP service providers that have driven cost down, but at the price [...]

Vanilla voice – How low can you go?


The fight over vanilla voice services is starting to get a little crazy, and I expect to get it more so as the days go buy.

In the mail this week, I have an offer from Cox Communications of Northern Virginia offering unlimited local and long distance service and the other bells and whistles [...]

Sipera senses G.722


Security vendor Sipera Systems says it is seeing evidence of G.722 uptake among its enterprise customers.

While VP of Marketing Adam Boone didn’t have specific numbers, Sipera’s sales force has lot of “anecdotal” evidence of customers and channels asking about G.722 support.  G.722 provides an advantage over other codecs as it provides higher voice [...]

HD Communications – Global Crossing details HD voice vision


Global Crossing is currently implementing HD voice conferencing for a very few of its elite (i.e. the guys who spend lotta money) customers on a one-off, customized basis, but the company expects to offer a productized hosted HD audio product in the near future.

“We have around two and a half types of customers [...]

Vonage confirms: No HD communications in the near future


Last month,  some folks believed Vonage’s “sounds good” campaign indicated the company was going to roll out a wideband service.  I went to the horse’s (or is it bird’s?) mouth: Vonage_Voice on Twitter and received confirmation that HD is not in the company’s near future plans.

Michael Zema, one of Vonage’s PR guys,  outlined [...]

Mitel throws fit over Ottawa VoIP contract loss


First the carrot, now the stick: Since the city of Ottawa wouldn’t accept a “donation” of IP phones from Mitel in exchange for getting exclusive rights, Mitel is now claiming that it didn’t know the city’s computer network had been upgraded to carry VoIP calls; ergo, Cisco knew and had a competitive advantage.

In [...]

Interoute gets Microsoft SIP trunking cert – why drag Skype into it?


Microsoft has certified Interoute as the first European provider to supply SIP trunking for Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) R2.  Why bother to drag Skype into the press release? Slow news day?

The Interoute release touts the announcement as enabling business-class unified commuications to “compete directly with Skype” for corporate users. I’m sure Skype [...]

HD Communications – Optimum LightPath talks about its business HD Voice offering


Optimum Lightpath’s HD voice offering is as much about being just another hosted application as it is about better quality voice calls, said company officials.

“One of the great promises of hosted voice is as the feature server is upgraded, [customers] don’t have to pay for an upgrade, said John Macario, Optimum Senior Vice [...]