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Broadsoft filing an IPO, Metaswitch buying AppTrigger, Radisys acquiring Pactolus, dogs and cats living together


(If you don’t get the reference, watch below…)


Back in December, I was interviewed by TMC CEO Rich Tehrani and  made a bunch of predictions, but I have to say that I missed the onslaught of deal making that’s now happening, (Did get the part about Social media and geo-location right, however…)


Broadsoft buys Packet Island… who's next?


Having bought up every other VoIP apps company it could get its hands on, BroadSoft is in the process of acquiring privately-held QoS monitoring firm Packet Island.   Hmmm…

BroadSoft says the acquisition is being made to address “the critical need” for ensuring QoS and QoE (quality of experience) for real-time (i.e. phone and video) [...]