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Digium’s big news: Asterisk Scalable Communications Framework (SCF)


National Harbor, Maryland – Digium (www.digium.com) announced a new open source project today to go beyond the limitations of the company’s Asterisk IP telephony platform, adding a “Scalable Communications Framework” to enable “the highest levels” of availability, scalability, extensibility, fault-tolerance and performance.

Yes, this was/is The Big Deal Digium employees kept hinting at [...]

AstriCon 2010 – I’ll be there on Wednesday & Thursday


I’ll be running around at AstriCon 2010 (www.astricon.net) on Wednesday, October 27 and Thursday, October 28.   Don’t know if I’ll be tweeting on site; the last time I was at the Gaylord, wireless connectivity was hit-or-miss.

If you are looking to brief, email me.  Or look for me in the loud, er, expressive [...]

And the big news at Astricon will be …?


The Digium Astricon (www.astricon.net) show has become Digium’s annual event to announce Big News.  Three years ago, the acquisition of Switchvox took place.  Two years ago, it was the Skype/Digium interop agreement, while last year it was an IBM/Digium agreement. 

Perhaps the big clue is Digium’s Kevin Fleming giving Wednesday morning’s keynote. From [...]

AstriCon 2010 coming to D.C. – Two cents on traveling


Digium (www.digium.com) has formally announced dates and places for AstriCon 2010. (www.astricon.net).

This year’s event will take place at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center, just outside of Washington D.C., on October 26-28, 2010. 

FYIs on getting to the Gaylord from local hubs

Please note travelers take my advice at their own [...]