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France Telecom enables telephony via web browser using Adobe Flash


It looks like France Telecom/Orange is leading the way again in the major carrier space. The company announced it now provides a webphone API cloud service for embedding phone service into a web site.

The webphone API uses the Adobe Flash platform to embed/integrate voice features into business (web) applications, so customers visiting a [...]

Aculab rolls out application development platform


Aculab (www.aculab.com) has rolled out AMS Server, its applications development platform.

AMS Server enables developers to access the telephony and media server functionality of Aculab’s Prosody S Host Media Processing (HMP) platform using high-level object-oriented programming languages.

Languages supported via API include C# and Python.  Aculab says AMS server can reduce development time by [...]

Plum Voice joins the Cloud Telephony app crowd


Plum Voice (www.plumvoice.com) has announced the availability of a cloud telephony solution with a combo of IVR editor/platform accessible through a web browser.

The QuickFuse (quickfuseapps.com) is an IVR editor that puts APIs “in the background” and puts visual call flows to the “foreground” on top of a self-contained cloud service.  The editor enables [...]