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ADTRAN enters Unified Communications (UC) market


ADTRAN (www.adtran.com) entered the unified communications (UC) market last month.  Whatsup with that?

More seriously, you have a traditional telecommunications hardware firm jumping into the fuzzy world of software solutions as a complement to the next step up the IP PBX food chain — more applications.  Once you add VoIP and PBX functionality, the [...]

ADTRAN in pictures – Part 4 – Network and Software Testing Labs


Yes Virginia, this is the last of the ADTRAN photos.  This set covers the network and software testing labs; up “stack” beyond the physical layer if you prefer… The poster below does a good job illustrating the different types of testing that network products go through.

You’ll notice there’s a lot [...]

ADTRAN in pictures – Part 3 – Physical testing labs


ADTRAN does an insane amount of in-house testing on the devices it builds.  The physical testing that prototype devices undergo is, frankly, mind boggling. 

A peek into the high-voltage (lightening) test lab.   Equipment has to take a couple of good hits from a lightening strike without catching on fire; [...]

ADTRAN brags about shotgun testing – where’s the YouTube video?


Down in Huntsville last week, an ADTRAN executive was bragging about one of its pieces of outdoor gear was so tough that it had been spec’ed and tested to take a shotgun blast at 10 feet — without the paint being scratched.   I, of course, immediately asked to witness the test in person, but [...]

ADTRAN in pictures - Part 1 - Welcome and Introduction to UC


WARNING: Some of the pictures below are pretty big and might freak out your browser and/or cause slow load times for this page.

Last week, I and about 26 other analysts and media were in Huntsville, Alabama as guests of ADTRAN.  The company was making its introductory launch of a unified communications (UC) software [...]

ADTRAN talks Unified Communication


I’m in Huntsville watching a demo of NetVanta Unified Communication.  Around me are about 27 press and analysts, including a number of UC foodies, er UC consultants.

The demo is strangely familiar, highlighting how a real estate agent can use unified communications to integrate the web, voice, fax, email, but presentation makes it look [...]

Going to Huntsville to visit ADTRAN


Next week, I’ll be traveling to Huntsville for ADTRAN’s press event. The company’s been hinting at new announcements on the SMB/VoIP side of the house.  Will have to break out the Flip Video camera for the tour of the manufacturing line.