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Enterprise Connect 2012: From Enterprise Connect to… Business Connect


A couple of years ago, VoiceCon morphed into Enterprise Connect because there was UC, there was video, and voice was just so passé. When I talked to Co-chair/CEO Fred Knight back in the day, he said the “sweet spot” for the show were enterprise clients with 1,000 seats or more. Big companies.  Multi-site companies. [...]

Enterprise Connect 2012: ADTRAN adds SBC to NetVanta and Total Access Business Gateways


Orlando, Florida – ADTRAN has rolled out Session Border Control (SBC) software to its NetVanta 3430 and 6000 series, plus its Total Access 900e IP Business Gateways.

Targeted at the small to medium enterprise (SME) markets, the new SBC offering rolls into service providers’ need for a new CPE demarc device to handle [...]

Upcoming events—ADTRAN/Huntsville, CES 2012, IT EXPO East 2012


Between now and the beginning of February, I’ll be at three different industry events.


ADTRAN media briefings – Huntsville, AL

ADTRAN’s annual briefing event, held in Huntsville. Always interesting because of what you learn about ADTRAN and its neighborhood community.


CES 2012 – Las Vegas

Held this year towards the beginning of [...]

Future briefings on the calendar–GENBAND, ADTRAN, CES 2012


In November (7-8), I’ll be a guest of GENBAND for its Perspective 2011 event in New York City.

ADTRAN is hosting its annual media/analyst event in Huntsville on November 29-December 1.

The first big event in 2012 for HD voice looks like it will be at CES in Las Vegas.  I’ll be running [...]

ADTRAN beefs up Ethernet, FTTH hardware


In a pair of announcements last week, ADTRAN (www.adtran.com) added to its Carrier Ethernet portfolio and doubled the capacity of its Total Access 5000 for Active Ethernet and GPON applications.

On the Ethernet side, new solutions include:

NetVanta 868 Carrier Ethernet Access Gateway for large enterprises. Extending 100 – 400Mbps Ethernet services to [...]

ADTRAN (yet again) declares record results for 2Q 2011, cash dividend


ADTRAN (www.adtran.com) reported its financial results for the second quarter of 2011 on July 12, 2011.  Once again, the company continues to roll, racking up an increase of 23 percent as compared to last year’s results.

More specifically,  ADTRAN had sales of more than $184 million, as compared to $150 million for 2Q 2010.  [...]

ADTRAN dives deeper into the security world


Huntsville, Alabama-based ADTRAN (www.adtran.com) has announced a full line of Unified Threat Management (UTM) solutions.

The NetVanta 2000 series of devices use ADTRAN’s baseline hardware with Sonic Wall’s software on top, getting the company quickly into the security market without having to develop software in-house.  ADTRAN is owning the product, so if you [...]

ADTRAN pushes optical to the edge


ADTRAN (www.adtran.com) has rolled out a suite of solutions to push fiber further out of the network “core” and to the “edge” – wherever “edge” is defined these days. 

The Optical Network Edge (ONE) portfolio integrates packet optical functionality for service delivery, aggregation and transport, so service providers can extend/blur the edge of [...]

ADTRAN UBE–It’s GigE, but simplified


Huntsville, AL – ADTRAN (www.adtran.com) made big waves in Paris last month by announcing Ultra-Broadband Ethernet (UBE), delivering Ethernet at 100 Mbps over standard copper for up to 300 feet.  It turns out there’s no big secret sauce to the underlying technology because it’s based on GigE. More interesting, UBE may become a more [...]

Next week in Huntsville


ADTRAN (www.adtran.com) is holding its 3rd annual media briefing event in Huntsville, Al next week from November 30 through December 2.   Expect to see quite a bit about on here and via Twitter @DougonIPComm as to the latest and greatest news the company will talk about, plus a “trickle out” of other news/press releases [...]