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Enterprise Connect 2012: GENBAND goes after the enterprise

Orlando, Florida — GENBAND, like everyone else making network boxes these days, announced it is expanding into the enterprise communications market with UC and SIP trunking solutions, including support for mobile solutions.

The company is boasting of best-of-breed components to integrate mobile and fixed consumer devices into a “secure, feature rich” communications environment for improved productivity, collaboration, and reduced cost.

The new GENBAND enterprise network solutions portfolio includes the A2 Communications Application Server, S3 Intelligent Session Border Controller, G6 Universal Gateway and C20 Converged Softswitch along with application suites such as the GENBAND A2 Mobile Office.

GENband’s Mobile Office allows enterprise employees to use their mobile phones and tablets as if they were wired directly to their business office, utilizing the same UC features available on their desktop, as well as the same dial plan, calling line ID and long distance plan as their main office phone.

Among the features cited for GENBAND’s enterprise solutions are fully integrated VoIP, video, federated and secure instant messaging, presence, applications, desktop sharing and collaboration solutions along with native client integration into Microsoft Exchange and IBM SameTime, plus integration of existing analog, digital, UNISTIM and SIP phones.

If that’s not enough, users can tap into the GENFuzion Developer Community; there’s an open UC application development eco-system and application library for highly specialized vertical market needs.

Digium does hardware–services next?

Digium, the self-proclaimed “Asterisk Company,” is turning into the jack-of-all-trades company.  For Enterprise Connect in Orlando this week, the company has rolled out “the first” of a family of VoIP gateways.  Last month (well, more like two months ago), the company introduced its first IP phones at IT EXPO.  I’m betting a cloud services offering at some point.

The new hardware are the G100 and G200 gateways, to support TDM-to-SIP and SIP-to-TDM applications (i.e. phone calls).  With software based on the Asterisk “communications engine” and managed through a Digium point-and-click GUI, the gateways feature a power-saving design and “purpose-built” media processing capability via the DSP <hmm, must take screwdriver to Digium booth tomorrow>.

As you might expect, the G100 includes a single software-selectable T1/E1/PRI interface and supports up to 30 concurrent calls, while the G200 has two (2) T1/E1/PRI interfaces and supports up to 60 concurrent calls. Both models have integrated echo cancellation, a small footprint of 1U, half-width, half-depth, and no moving parts.  List for the G100 is $1,195 while the G200 is $1,995.  Hardware available today through a Digium distributor or integrator.

Digium’s move into more hardware begs the question as to how many other shiny products the company will roll into a VoIP hardware market already chock full of OEMs and name brands. 

It’s not like there isn’t a market for VoIP hardware, mind you, given that the world is not even starting to crank into high gear to kick the TDM habit.

But hardware manufactures are starting to zag into services; Ericsson, Polycom, and ShoreTel all have rolled out cloud/hosted services, so it’s not a far-fetched idea to see Digium introduce a branded-version of Asterisk on a cloud.

HD voice report work this week, Enterprise Connect next

Things are a little dry here because I’ve got my head down this week working on the 2012 HD Voice News report, as well as trying to pack in a couple more meetings at Enterprise Connect 2012 in Orlando next week. 

I’ll be on site at Enterprise Connect – and at meetings – between Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday afternoon. 

Hopefully I’ll have time to jot down some thoughts from Enterprise Connect. Maybe.

New mobile service: AT&T or Verizon?

While I’ve had Sprint since forever, I’m in the process of reviewing other options.   Sure I’ve got “unlimited” data, but I’ve been paying the $10 extra for WiMax, but I’ve only used it a handful of times at best.  I have to pay more money to enable Wi-Fi tethering on my HTC Evo.

I don’t have strong (Sprint) cell service where I live; I was shocked to see how much better AT&T was. 

And then there’s the weird software roaming glitch I encountered when I went downtown to DC.  The EVO up and died in 3G, giving “Network error” but 4G worked fine when it was available.   To clear the error, I had to cold boot my phone.

However, both AT&T and Verizon have the whole data cap thing – which seems to defeat the purpose of having LTE in the first place.   And Verizon has had considerable hiccups with the operation of its LTE network.

Soo…I don’t know. I’ve been pleased with the AT&T 3G data service on my Apple iPad and it was a treat to be able to swap out SIM cards (see www.dougontech.com) in Iceland to enable 3G service out of the U.S. Going to LTE is likely to cause all kinds of weirdness should I have to travel overseas.

Enterprise Connect availability: March 27-28

I’ll be on site at Enterprise Connect on March 27 and March 28.  

General topics of interest for this show are:  

  • Cloud telephony and the migration away from the tradition PBX model in an enterprise setting. 
  • SIP interoperability and federation.
  • HD voice and continued movement towards wideband voice solution in the enterprise market

Assuming no travel glitches, I should be on site at the Gaylord by 1 PM, on Tuesday, March 27.  I have some limited availability to take briefings on that day.

Wednesday, March 28, I’ll be on site from about 9 AM through 3 PM. There are a lot of open briefing slots for March 28 at this time.

Enterprise Connect 2012 on the event schedule

Enterprise Connect 2012 has been added to the spring event schedule. Currently looking at a March 26 arrival with a March 27 departure.

Briefing topics and meeting schedule to be determined.  For a briefing request, email moo@vegascommando.com

Update notes

YES, there hasn’t been a lot of posting on this site recently. Most of my blog time is going into HD Voice News (www.hdvoicenews.com).   And there’s an update on the HD Voice News report due for 2012.

A week from today, I’m headed out to Las Vegas for CES.  Next month, I’ll be at IT EXPO East in Miami.

Upcoming events—ADTRAN/Huntsville, CES 2012, IT EXPO East 2012

Between now and the beginning of February, I’ll be at three different industry events.


ADTRAN media briefings – Huntsville, AL

ADTRAN’s annual briefing event, held in Huntsville. Always interesting because of what you learn about ADTRAN and its neighborhood community.


CES 2012 – Las Vegas

Held this year towards the beginning of the week, this is a multi-day ordeal. And not really in a good way.

Sunday, January 9 – Storage Visions 2012 and “CES Unveiled.” Never been to the former event, but it’s a hot topic this year with the flooding in Thailand causing ripples in the hard drive food chain.

Monday, January 10 – CES Press Day.  Starts with the (always overcrowded) LG press launch at 8 AM, with a number of companies throughout the day, ending with the Digital Experience event at the MGM on Monday evening.

Tuesday, January 11 – First day of CES show floor.  I start the day by hitting as many companies parked in Hilton suites as I can, then go to the show floor.  Around noon, I go to “Lunch at Piaro’s” to check out the tabletop exhibits there, rest my feet, then go back out to the floor.  The evening closes with ShowStoppers at the Wynn.

Wednesday, January 12 – More meetings day, trying to catch up with as many companies I can before I have to head to the airport for my redeye back home.


IT EXPO East 2012 – Miami, February 1-3, Miami Beach Convention Center

Don’t know if TMC will be holding a media on January 31; stay tuned.

However, there will be an HD voice session, on Thursday, Feb 2, at 2 PM (2/2/12 @ 2 ) that I will be moderating.  You can find more info at the TMC conference program listing here.

From Metaswitch Forum 2011–My video interview


My video chat with the Metaswitch PR guy

We talk about the migration from TDM to IP and why face-to-face events continue to be important.

(I’m the guy in the pink shirt, FYI).

Future briefings on the calendar–GENBAND, ADTRAN, CES 2012

In November (7-8), I’ll be a guest of GENBAND for its Perspective 2011 event in New York City.

ADTRAN is hosting its annual media/analyst event in Huntsville on November 29-December 1.

The first big event in 2012 for HD voice looks like it will be at CES in Las Vegas.  I’ll be running around town from Sunday, January 8 through Wednesday, January 11.  More thoughts on CES 2012 will be posted at HD Voice News (www.hdvoicenews.com) next week.